Reactive Machine AI

 Reactive Machine AI

Definition :

Reactive machines are AI systems that have no memory and are task specific, meaning that an input always delivers the same output.

Machine learning models tend to be reactive machines because they take customer data, such as purchase or search history, and use it to deliver recommendations to the same customers.

What are benefits of reactive Machine ?

The advantage of Reactive Machines like Deep Blue lies in their ability to perform specific tasks at speeds and scales that humans cannot match. They can process vast amounts of data and make decisions in fractions of a second.

Example of Reactive AI machine:

An example of a reactive machine is perhaps the most famous AI system – IBM Deep Blue, a chess-playing supercomputer that defeated international grandmaster Garry Kasparov. Deep Blue understands the rules of chess. He recognizes all the pieces on the chessboard and knows how each of them moves.

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