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Smith vs Rock,Apple vs Android,  these are the great rivalries of our times, but when it comes to choosing your next car the foremost question on your mind will be the electric vs petrol debate.

With constantly changing legislation, advances in technology and confusion over which option is more cost-effective in the long run, it’s no surprise that many consumers are uncertain about what to choose.There’s no need to worry, this guide should help answer any questions you may have to help you make the right choice.

What is an electric car?

         An electric car makes do without a traditional internal combustion engine and instead has one or more electric motors which are powered by a large battery pack.


These types of purely electric cars are called BEVs or Battery Electric Vehicles. They generally have one fixed gear (so no gear changes take place while driving) and provide near-silent and smooth progress.

What is a petrol car?

          A petrol car has an internal combustion engine that sends its power to the wheels through a gearbox. It converts petrol into energy, unlike a BEV that uses electricity. Whereas an electric motor provides all of its torque immediately, a petrol engine needs to be revved to access all of its available power and torque.

            To ensure that, it can operate efficiently over a broad speed range a gearbox is needed. It operates the same way as the gears on your bicycle; higher gears let you go faster while lower gears provide more power for acceleration.

What are the pros and cons of electric cars?        

There are a number of great benefits to be had from going electric, but there are some negative aspects too.

Benefits of an electric car

  1. Government grants offered on certain EVs
  2. Exempt from charges in clean-air zones
  3. Minimal servicing requirements
  4. Zero emissions
  5. Lower cost per mile compared to petrol cars

Drawbacks of an electric car

  1. Charging takes longer than filling with petrol
  2. Charging infrastructure isn’t up to speed just yet
  3. Environmental impact of building an EV can be more than an equivalent petrol car
  4. Pricing tends to be higher than for similar petrol models
  5. Range is lower than in most petrol cars

What are the pros and cons of petrol cars?

There are still alot of reasons to think about a petrol car, But they are not always the best choice for every consumer.

Benefits of a petrol car

  1. Range anxiety is not an issue
  2. Broader range of vehicles to choose from – for now
  3. Lower pricing compared to EVs
  4. Refuelling is quick and convenient

Drawbacks of a petrol car

  1. Higher overall environmental impact compared with EVs
  2. More expensive servicing and running costs
  3. Ever tightening regulations will limit the viability of petrol cars in the future
  4. Charges apply to drive in low-emission and clean-air zones

Cost of running an electric car vs a petrol car

To many, the decision comes down to the simple matter of cost. An electric car is cheaper to run, and servicing and maintenance costs tend to be lower than for petrol cars. But does this outweigh the higher initial pricing of EVs?

          ELECTRIC CAR 


           PETROL CAR
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