How to Motivate Yourself to Studying When You're feeling Depressed: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most difficult things for students to deal with is the prospect of studying. Whether you're an introvert who finds school stressful or an extrovert who hates having to focus all their attention on a single subject, everyone can relate to feeling like they're missing out on valuable learning opportunities because of personal obligations, family stressors, or some other reason. Unfortunately, depression frequently accompanies our studies too, so knowing how to motivate yourself to study when you're feeling down can be a real challenge. But it doesn't have to be! Below we provide a comprehensive guide on how to motivate yourself to study when you're feeling depressed; hopefully, it will spark some ideas and help get your motivation back on track once again.

What can you do to help yourself feel less depressed?

One of the best ways to help yourself feel less depressed is to actively try to decrease the impact of these feelings on your studies. If you find yourself in a negative mood or low energy while studying, try to recognize the cause and take steps to correct it. If you're an introvert who finds school stressful, try to work on improving your social ability so that you can relax more while in class. If you have family obligations or are dealing with other extroverted-related stressors, try to identify what's causing the pressure and work to release it.

Turn to your library

If you're feeling down in the dumps because of a books-induced case of Mondays, there are a few things you can do to turn the tide. First, turn to your library and look for books on psychology and productivity. These books will help you identify any areas of your life that are affecting your studies and provide you with ways to boost your energy level. Second, find a hobby that you enjoy doing during your spare time; something that's easy, fun, and will help you relax. If you're feeling down because you can't seem to find anything to keep your interested, try to find a hobby that you're interested in but might not have as much energy for.

Take short breaks and go for a walk

Walk away from the computer and away from the study desk; it'll help you clear your head and clear your view. Go for a short walk around your neighbourhood or go to the library and use their paid computers to do some work away from home. This alone can help you feel less down and distracted while you're out. It'll also help you regroup and get your thoughts back on track if you feel like you're going into a tailspin from which you have little control.

Help others and network

If you're having issues with study motivation and feel like you can help others with similar problems, you can always turn to your network and ask for support. Reach out to your clubs, clubs of friends, or other organizations that you're involved in and see if anyone has any ideas on how to help you out. If you're having issues with study motivation and feel like you're not supposed to ask for help, reach out to administrators, professors, or completes in your class and see if they can help you out.

Focus on the positive and exercise

Exercising is a proven way to reduce the impact of depression; it'll help you feel happy, content, and less likely to complain about your lot in life. If you're feeling down because of a lack of energy, try to identify the reason for this and work to correct it. If you've been feeling down for a while and it's become a grumpiness, try to identify the source and correct it. Exercise can give you a big boost of energy when you start to feel like yourself again; it'll help you feel happy and less prone to depression in general. A healthy diet filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish, beans, and other healthy foods will also help you feel happy and less inclined to feel sad or depressed. In addition, you can try to take your mind off of things by learning a new skill or two; something that will rev your motivation and get you back into the groove of things again.


Studies have proven that a combination of physical and mental exercise can improve moods and reduce the risk of developing depression. This is why you should get yourself moving - not just when you're feeling well, but throughout the day whenever you feel like it. This can help you feel less down and keep yourself from falling into a cycle of MoMO.

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