The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health Right Now | Standing Up and Getting Moving

What's the first step towards making healthy choices? Recognizing that there is such a thing as good and bad health. The best way to prevent disease and improve your health? Stand up and get moving! While this might sound simple, it's not something that most people think about. When we're stressed or bored at home, our minds tend to wander. We daydream or look through Instagram Stories instead of getting up and moving. It's time to change that mindset. Here are 5 ways that you can stand up and get moving today:


Get Active for Your Mind & Body

Did you know that being active can boost your brain health? Regularly walking and standing up can help reduce your risk of developing anxiety and depression. It can also improve your memory and make you less likely to develop dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's. Exercise can also help decrease heart disease and stroke risk. If you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or metabolic Syndrome, it's important to get actively involved in some form of exercise daily. If you don't exercise regularly, you run the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and metabolic diseases. So, get out there and get moving!

Get Active for Your Mind & Body

If you're like many people, you find it hard to get active on weekends. This is understandable because weekends are meant for relaxing and spending time with the people you love. So, we've put together a list of 5 ways that you can stand up and get moving on the weekend.

Get Active for Your Mind & Body

Try These Exercises: Get on your knees, sit-ups, or feet with a chair or wall nearby. Once you're active, move to a different part of your body and work your way back to starting position. Make sure to change your routine every so often so that you don't get bored and orthopaedic.

Get Active for Your Mind & Body

Move Your Body, Not Your Mind: Even if you're not feeling too energetic, try movements that engage your minds - such as meditation or breathing exercises. Doing so has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress and improve your outlook on life.

Get Active for Your Mind & Body

Play: If you have time, try playing a variety of games that engage your mind. Go for something simple like cards, checkers, or Suduko. If you have a Wii or other gaming system, try playing those games instead of sitting down. This will give your body and mind something to do while you watch television, go for a walk, do chores, or do other chores around the house.


The best thing you can do for your health right now is to sit down and get active. Whether you want to get on your feet or on your knees, you can do so to help lower your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. It's important to remember that getting up and moving does not mean that you have to do everything that is required. It's just a way to break the routine and get your mind and body some much-needed activity. If you normally get up and sit down for 5 minutes, stand up for 10 and then sit back down, try adding some active movement to your routine. If you have time, try adding some resistance training sessions to your weekly routine to help build muscle and improve your posture. And don't be afraid to add some variety to your routine - some movement is better than one that is monotonous.

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