How to Train Yourself to Become a Back Sleeper and Get a Good Night's Sleep

Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a back sleeper? Or how to get a better night's sleep? If so, here is some good news: there are ways to do it. It might seem like a luxury or something that comes with having kids and responsibilities - but in actuality, becoming a back sleeper and getting a good night's sleep are two very different things. Becoming a back sleeper stems from habit and is something that we all develop as children. We learn from our parents, our teachers, and other adults how to behave in certain situations. Being a back sleeper is no different - we learn what behaviours make us feel safe and secure at night. If you are awake during the day, chances are you're also clenching your teeth and snoozing through the day. That's because your subconscious mind is also programming itself into thinking about the same things. If you want to learn how to become a back sleeper so that you can get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night - keep reading!

How to Train Yourself to Become a Back Sleeper and Get a Good Night's Sleep

What is a back sleeper?

A back sleeper is someone who gets easily exhausted during the day, who stays awake for long periods of time at a time, and who experiences slow brain function during the day. While everyone experiences different levels of sleepiness during the day, people who chronically sleep during the day are likely to feel exhausted, foggy, and groggy compared to someone who sleeps well at night. While it's not always possible to become a back sleeper overnight, there are steps you can take to get there.

How to become a back sleeper

The first step to becoming a back sleeper is to recognize when you're getting a poor night's sleep. When is it time to get up and move around during the night? Are you tossing and turning or just laying there not quite asleep? If you answered "sometimes" or "not really," then you may want to try these techniques:

    1. Try to keep a consistent routine the night before. Go to sleep at the same time every night, and try to stay in the same position and sleep environment so that your brain has a better chance of learning how to wake up and function during the day.
    2. Invite a friend to cuddle up with you and watch a movie or listen to some relaxing sounds. You may also want to share your bed with your cat or dog to provide some company.
    3. Put on your favourite playlist and get some movement and sound effects going. This may sound strange, but it may help you fall asleep.
    4. Avoid looking at the phone, computer, or TV during the night. It might be tempting to do so while you're sleeping, but doing so may keep your brain from learning how to fall asleep naturally.

The easiest way to get a good night's sleep

If you are lucky enough to have a bed at home and a partner to snuggle with, you can try these techniques the next time you are invited out for the night. These are great if you don't mind being left alone at night or you would prefer to have company when you are having trouble sleeping. If not, there are still ways to get a good night's sleep even if you must fall asleep on the streets. These tips will help you fall asleep easily and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Try these techniques if you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.

  • Try to maintain consistent eye contact with your partner the entire time you are asleep. This may sound silly, but when you look directly at your partner while you sleep, it's much easier for them to see than if you're looking at the ground or a wall.
  • If you are struggling to fall asleep, try to take a slow, deep breath into your stomach while you are still awake. This helps to slow your breathing and keeps you connected with your partner.
  • Avoid eating anything while you're asleep. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised how many people do this.
  • Keep your bedroom door closed the entire time you are asleep. This helps to keep out light and noise from disturbing you.
  • Don't worry about taking a shower or getting a bath or washing your face in the morning. These activities only wake up your brain and body and will only make you feel groggy and lazy.
  • Don't forget to take your medications as prescribed. These can cause drowsiness and a lack of focus so it is important to remember to keep these pills in their place.


With the right habits, you can train yourself to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer during the day. Try these techniques the next time you are struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep at night.

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